SSCC - Social Science Computing Cooperative Supporting Statistical Analysis for Research

0.2 Who will benefit from this book

This book is designed for both researchers preparing data for traditional (confirmatory) analysis as well as doing Data Science work to apply machine learning techniques. For those who are new to preparing data and wrangling, there are reviews of the data and programming skills prior to going through the wrangling skills. If you have some experience with data preparation and programming you can skim these sections, or skip them completely. If you find you are having difficulties understanding the wrangling skill, you may find it helpful to review the data and programming skills section of the wrangling skill.

The goal of this course is not to teach you everything you will need to wrangle data. That would be an impossible goal for a short general set of training material such as this book. Instead, this book focuses on the skills needed to do some of the most common data wrangling tasks and provides experience finding help on tasks not covered in the instructions of this book. Our desire is that you will be on your way to be a proficient data wrangler after working through the material of this book.