Running Big Research Computing Jobs at the SSCC

This workshop will teach you how to run big research computing jobs at the SSCC.

This workshop and the following "Using the SSCC Slurm Cluster" workshop are intended to be taken together. In this workshop we'll discuss the resources the SSCC makes available and how to run interactive jobs on Linstat. We'll also teach you the very small amount of Linux you need to know. Then in "Using the SSCC's Slurm Cluster" you'll learn how to submit jobs to Slurm, where you can reserve whatever computing resources you need and run very long jobs. Everything we'll learn applies in the Silo environment as well.

If you're already familiar with running jobs on Linstat you can skip this workshop and go straight to "Using the SSCC Slurm Cluster."

You must be a member of the Social Science Computing Cooperative to use the SSCC's Linstat and Slurm clusters. SSCC accounts meant for class work do not have access to Linstat and Slurm; if you have a Z: drive (Linux home directory) when you log into Winstat you are a member of the Cooperative with an account meant for research.

Instructor: Dimond
Room: 3218 Sewell Social Sciences Building
Date: 6/14
Time: 1:00 - 1:45
Semester: summer23