Running Big Research Computing Jobs at the SSCC

In this workshop you'll learn how to run big research computing jobs on the SSCC's Linux servers. That includes:

  • Moving your code and data to the Linux file system
  • Modifying your code so it will run in Linux
  • Running your job on Linstat
  • Identifying your job's requirements
  • Submitting your job to Slurm

For the most part these steps are the same whether you are running Stata, R, Matlab, Python, etc. We will try to discuss the specifics of the programs used by all the students in the class. These steps are also very similar in Silo.

You don't need to know any Linux to benefit from this workshop, but Linux veterans may want to take it to learn how to use the SSCC's computing resources.

Instructor: Dimond
Room: Online
Date: 6/28
Time: 1:00 - 2:00


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