Back by popular demand, here is our end-of-year SSCC News highlighting the most important new services added over the course of the year. We've limited ourselves to new services that you have to know about and actually do something in order to benefit from the service.

New Workshop and KB Articles on Multiple Imputation

More and more researchers are incorporating multiple imputations techniques in their analyses. This past year Russell Dimond, one of our statistical computing specialists, received training in multiple imputation using Stata and has since written a series of Knowledge Base articles on this topic. Start with Multiple Imputation in Stata: Introduction which has links to the other articles in the series. Russell also offers an SSCC workshop called Multiple Imputation in Stata. Many people don't realize how much work is involved in doing multiple imputation well, or how easily doing it poorly can give you biased results. If you are using multiple imputation in your analyses, these resources are worth checking out.

Appointments Available for Statistical Computing Consulting

The SSCC's Statistical Computing Specialists are becoming increasingly busy, so in an attempt to minimize waiting time and see as many people as possible they are now making time available for appointments outside of their usual consulting hours using the UW's Scheduling Assistant. Appointments are ideal for those with questions that will likely take a long time to answer and those who must travel to the Sewell Social Sciences Building and want to make sure someone will be available. Click on the following links to make an appointment with Doug Hemken or Russell Dimond.

During regular drop-in consulting hours, if others are waiting we may invite you to make an appointment if we cannot completely answer your question after 20-30 minutes. This will allow us to help as many people as possible.

ArcGIS Available on Winstat

We have added ArcGIS to Winstat. ArcGIS is used for working with geographical data. It's also available on the lab PCs.

New Equipment in 2470 Classroom

We have added a ceiling mounted projector and an instructor's station to our 2470 classroom. The room comfortably seats 20 students. SSCC provides laptops via its mobile lab for student use in the classroom.

Tell NVivo to Update Projects on Network Drives

NVivo now has a setting that tells it to update projects saved on network drives whenever you click save, rather than when you exit the program. This will prevent you from losing your work if the program crashes—an all to common event! Unfortunately there is no way for SSCC staff to change this setting for everyone. If you use NVivo, please take a moment to change it right now. Our new Knowledge Base article, Using NVivo on Winstat, has details and is a must read for NVivo users.