SSCC News for September 2002

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SSCC's Fall Training Schedule
Recap of Recent Building Network Problems
New Search Engine
New Publications
GUY Retired

SSCC's Fall Training Schedule

SSCC's Fall training schedule is now available on SSCC's training web pages. The "Getting Rid of Junk E-mail" session is new and will show you how to use software called SpamBouncer which we announced last month. We're also offering once again the Condor session. If you run large UNIX jobs, this is definitely a class you should check out. Remember that all SSCC training sessions require preregistration. Register early before sessions fill!

Recap of Recent Building Network Problems

The building network problems we experienced over the last two weeks were finally fixed Friday. We appreciate everyone's patience who suffered through the down times when floor switches failed. The problems were caused by changes that were made to the building ATM configuration when the firewall was installed. Please contact Consultant if you experience any network problems.

On a related note, remote users should now either be using VPN or the ICA client to connect to network shares. SSCC's publication, A Remote User's Guide to SSCC Resources provides a comprehensive introduction on this topic along with links to documents containing step-by-step instructions for connecting remotely.

New Search Engine

The SSCC has replaced our former Atomz search with ht://Dig. The biggest change is that the ht://Dig searches the entire server, not just SSCC web pages. While it works very much like most other search engines, take a look at A Web User's Guide to the SSCC's Search Engine if you'd like more details.

Web authors do not need to make any changes for their pages to be searchable. If you do not want any of your pages to show up in searches, please contact the consultant. If you want to control which pages can be searched, or for tips on making it easy to find your pages, please see A Web Author's Guide to the SSCC's Search Engine.

New Publications

Connecting to SSCC Computers

This publication will help you choose the best tools for connecting to SSCC computers in many situations, including remotely.

Filtering Your Email with Spambouncer

As announced in last month's news, Spambouncer will try to identify unsolicited commercial email and put it in a separate folder. This publication tells you how to set it up, and important information about using it.

A Web User's Guide to the SSCC's Search Engine

This publication will tell you how to use the SSCC's search engine. Probably not required reading for most SSCC users, but if you're trying to put together just the right search, this is the place to go.

A Web Author's Guide to the SSCC's Search Engine

If you have your own web pages this publication will tell you how to make our search engine ignore some or all of them, and gives tips for making it easy to find your pages.

Guy Retired

As promised, SSCC's oldest UNIX computer, GUY, was retired on September 3rd. Actually, GUY's only semi-retired. Even though it no longer accepts logins, GUY will still be used as SSCC's UNIX file and web server for the next few months until these services get moved to other computers.

Everyone is encouraged to use KITE for everything they used GUY for in the past.

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