SSCC News for September 2000

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SSCC Fall Training Schedule
Updated SSCC Handbook Now Available
STATA Licenses/Manuals Now Available for Purchase Through SSCC
Scheduling Office Moves

SSCC Fall Training Schedule

All SSCC training sessions require preregistration. If less than three people have preregistered for a course one week prior to its start date, the class may be canceled. Click here to register for a session(s). You will be reminded about your preregistration through e-mail a day or two before the class begins.

Date Time Topic Room Instructor
9/5 2:00-4:00 A Hands-on Intro to UNIX and WinCenter 2470 Bongert
9/18 9:30-11:00 Designing Effective Forms in Access 3218 Brauer
9/21 1:00-3:00 Managing Your Research Files on UNIX 2470 Bongert
9/27 1:30-1:30 Listar for List Owners 2470 Wald
10/2 10:00-12:00 Creating a Web Page on SSCC's Web Server 2470 McDermott
10/5 10:00-11:00 Improved Methods for Remote Access to SSCC 4405 Arnold
10/11 1:30-3:00 Understanding Logistic Regression in SAS 2470 White
10/17 2:00-3:30 Multi-User Editing in Word 3218 Brauer
10/25 1:30-2:30 Using PC-Pine 2470 Wald
10/31 10:00-11:00 Keeping Current Using the Internet 2470 Solock
11/9 10:00-11:00 Using the Table Feature in Word 3218 Brauer
11/15 1:30-2:30 Advanced Features of Eudora 2470 Wald

Updated SSCC Handbook Now Available

The SSCC Handbook has been updated. Paper copies are available in the Terminal Rooms. Click here for an on-line copy. If you have a PC, you should also get an updated copy of our PC Support Policy. It's available in paper copy or on-line.

STATA Licenses/Manuals Now Available for Purchase Through SSCC

SSCC has worked out an arrangement with Stata Corporation which allows us to stock STATA and STAT/TRANSFER software and manuals. This means you (and anyone else on the UW-Madison Campus) can get your software and/or manuals very quickly and cheaper than STATA's usual Academic discounted price. Here's how the arrangement works: You call Stata Corporation (800-782-8272) to place and pay for your order. Then once Stata Corporation receives payment, they fax us the order information and you can pick up your materials from Sandi Lenz in Social Science 4405.

Prices are as follows:

Small Stata software and Getting Started manual                  $55.00
Intercooled Stata software and Getting Started manual             99.00
User's Guide and Extract Manual (GradDoc)                         49.00
Stata User's Guide                                                25.00
Stata Extract Manual                                              35.00
4-volume Reference Manual Set                                    105.00
Stata Graphics Manual                                             15.00
ProfDoc (4-volume Reference, Graphics, Guide)                    130.00

Stata 6.0 software is available under the GradPlan for Windows 98/95/2000/NT, Power Macintosh, and Linux. Linux is only available for Intercooled Stata, not Small.

To purchase Intercooled Stata 6.0, complete, with all the documentation, you want to buy the following:

Intercooled Stata software plus Getting Started manual            99.00
ProfDoc (4-volume Reference, Graphics, Guide)                    130.00
                                                       TOTAL     229.00

If you are a student and do not want to purchase all the documentation, we recommend that you buy the GradDoc (Guide + Extract) for $49.

The following products are also available through the GradPlan: Maximum Likelihood Estimation with Stata book 25.00 Stat/Transfer 5.0 (Windows 98/95/2000/NT software and manual) 42.00 Stata Graphics Editor (DOS software and manual) 48.00

Scheduling Office Moves

We are in the height of the season for office moves. Please give us plenty of advanced notice as to when you will require assistance setting up your computing equipment. Also, keep in mind that it is sometimes necessary for us to activate the network connection to the office. If we know in advance that you will moving, we can assure that the network connection is ready.

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