New Email Filtering Tool that Works with All Your Email Programs

Don't you sometimes wish there was a way to keep certain messages out of your inbox? Perhaps you are already familiar with email filtering and use it on one computer or email program only for it not to work from another. We have written a new email web tool for members who use SSCC's email system which allows you to redirect your messages according to specified criteria (referred to as filtering) before they arrive in your inbox. The great thing about this new filtering tool is that it will work no matter where you are working from and no matter whether you are using webmail, Thunderbird, Outlook, etc. You can do things like:

  • move a message to a different folder if it contains a key phrase, is from a mailing list, etc.
  • delete messages from a particular email address, with a certain subject, with keywords in the body of the message, etc.
  • mark a message as spam if it comes from a particular address, contains a particular phrase, etc.
  • forward messages from a particular sender to a new email address .

You can access this new tool at our email filtering page. You can also access the email filtering page from the tool bar in Webmail.

Connecting to Winstat from Remote Locations providing Restricted Access to the Internet

We sometimes hear from SSCC members who are traveling and cannot access Winstat from remote locations. This commonly occurs when people are attending conferences in hotels which have security measure in place that restrict access. We now have an alternative Winstat Web Interface site which allows you to connect from these locations. This site should only be used when you cannot connect the usual way because there is more overhead.

SoE members -- be sure and use the drop box to select the SOE-AD domain before connecting.

SSCC's Fall Training Schedule

SSCC's Fall training is now underway. This month we have classes in Office 2010, Stata (Programming and graphics), R, NVivo, and MATLAB. Remember that all SSCC training sessions require preregistration.

Need to learn a statistical package but missed the class? The SSCC Knowledge Base is always available, and includes Stata for Researchers, Stata for Students, SPSS for Students and much more. QSR also has a set of online NVivo tutorials.

Tip: Think before You Print

We waste a lot of paper in our 3218 and 4218 labs because members never pick up their output. Before you print something, please think first about whether or not you really need a printed copy. And, if you do, make it a point to pick it up promptly before you forget that you have printed it. Output is recycled if it isn't picked up after 10 days or so.