New Linstat added to Linux Compute Cluster

Linux users will be happy to hear that a new Linstat server has been added to the Linux compute cluster. Hopefully, this fourth server will alleviate the high demand for Linux compute cycles that we've experienced in recent months. If you just log into "Linstat" you don't need to do anything: the new server has been added to the list of servers you may be assigned to. But if you are in the habit of logging into specific Linstat servers be sure to add linstat4 to your list.

Office 365 Update

The campus migration to Office 365 (email and calendaring) is progressing, with 12% of campus migrated. You may have received an invitation to migrate now. However, these invitations are intended for people who use Wiscmail, i.e. people with email addresses like If you use SSCC email (i.e. your primary email address is you should not migrate to Office 365 until the entire SSCC migrates.

We don't anticipate SSCC migrating until at least summer 2015, and probably later. When we do migrate, (almost) all email stored on the SSCC's email servers will be imported into Office 365, and all mail sent to SSCC email addresses will be forwarded to Office 365.

SSCC staff will keep you posted as this migration progresses. DoIT maintains a web page with Office 365 transition information and news.

2015 Campus Data Discovery Project

A security team from the campus CIO's office has been tasked with identifying and removing personal data like Social Security and credit card numbers from campus personal computers. The initial step is to remove SSN's in 2015 and will concentrate primarily on people with access to software like ISIS, SFS, InfoAccess, PeopleSoft, etc. Details are included in the campus policy. The software that will be used to identify this personal data is called IdentityFinder and will be installed by local IT staff (SSCC staff for those with offices in the Social Sciences building). SSCC staff are testing this software now on staff computers and will keep you posted as this project progresses.

Tip: Plan Ahead for Remote Access to SSCC Resources

This week's weather prompted us to remind everyone about SSCC resources that make it easy to be productive while working from home. However, we suggest trying out remote access tools before you need them and when it's easy to get help. In particular, if you want to be able to connect to your office PC remotely, you need to enable Remote Desktop while you're still in your office.

Be prepared for the next storm, the next flu outbreak, or your next trip by reading our Knowledge Base article Working From Home and Other Remote Locations.