SSCC Members No Longer Eligible for Support from MPlus

The MPlus support team has informed us that because our MPlus licenses are not associated with individuals, they will no longer provide support to SSCC users. They don't object to our four concurrent users license for MPlus on Winstat, but they're no longer willing to answer questions from everyone who uses MPlus at the SSCC.

This Month's SSCC Training Opportunities

SSCC training is winding down for the semester. There are only two workshops left, both on Nvivo. Visit our training page for details and to register.

Migrating to 64-Bit SAS

The SSCC currently has both 32-bit SAS and 64-bit SAS installed on Winstat. Our plan is to remove 32-bit SAS in 2013, ideally by the end of summer. 64-bit SAS has been the default on Winstat for some time, so if you haven't been making a special effort to use 32-bit SAS, you are already using 64-bit SAS and won't need to change anything you do.

However, if you have user-defined formats stored in catalog files created by 32-bit SAS, you'll need to convert them to 64-bit SAS. Converting SAS Formats from 32-Bit to 64-Bit has instructions.

SAS Context Menus

SAS has many components, so right-clicking on a SAS file gives you many options. We recently streamlined the options that appear when you right-click a SAS file on Winstat. Launching SAS Files from Windows Explorer will tell you what they mean.