Statistical Software Updates

We upgraded SAS on Winstat, Linstat, and Condor to version 9.3. The default form of output changed from text (“Listing” output in SAS jargon) to HTML in version 9.3.  Additionally, ODS graphics is now on by default, where previously it was off. Our Knowledge Base article, Managing Output in SAS 9.3 and Above, tells you how to change this default behavior. It also tells you how to save your output in several different formats. Visit SAS's web site to learn what's new in SAS 9.3.

We upgraded SPSS on Winstat and Linstat to version 20. Visit SPSS's web site to learn what's new in SPSS 20.

Demand for Mplus is on the rise and we have ordered two additional licenses for Winstat, giving us a total of four concurrent licenses. Please be mindful of your colleagues by not tying up an MPlus license any longer than necessary.

Recent Winstat Problems Fixed

We fixed the problems last week that were intermittently preventing some people from logging in and preventing some people from copying files from their local drive.

If you cannot log in to Winstat for any reason, please report the problem to even during evenings and weekends. This will help our staff detect and identify problems. (Members from SoE and WCER should report problems with their SOE-AD accounts or problems getting Winstat set up initially to the SoE or WCER help desks. But if the problem appears to be with Winstat itself, feel free to report it to the SSCC directly.)

Tip: Flu Season is Here - Be Prepared to Work from Home

SSCC resources, especially Winstat and remote access to computers in the Sewell Social Sciences Building, make it easy to use SSCC software and files on the SSCC network from home. Our Knowledge Base article, Working From Home and Other Remote Locations, will introduce you to the tools needed and point you to directions on how to use them.

In the event of a pandemic, severe weather, or other situation that made working from home a necessity, we would not have enough Winstat licenses for everyone to use it at once. Connecting to your office computer is a good backup plan in case you can't log in to Winstat, but it needs to be set up ahead of time. We suggest you do so right now. See Connecting to Your Office Computer Using Remote Desktop (Windows) or Connecting to Your Office Computer Using Screen Sharing (Mac) for instructions.