Many Linux Programs Can Now be Run from Any Linux Server

Some Linux programs, like SAS, SPSS and Stat/Transfer, are only installed on certain servers. That meant you had to log into a server where they were installed in order to run them. We've now written scripts which allow you to run many of these programs no matter which Linux server you're logged into. The script will automatically connect to an appropriate server and start the program there, and it will look and act just as if it were running on the server you logged into. The affected programs (with the command to actually run them) are:

  • AML (aml)
  • condor_do
  • condor_matlab
  • condor_sas
  • condor_stata
  • SAS (sas)
  • SPSS (spssb)
  • Stat/Transfer command line (st)
  • Stat/Transfer with graphical user interface (stattransfer)
  • 64-bit Stata batch mode (stata64)
  • 64-bit Stata with graphical user interface (xstata64)

The stata64 and xstata64 commands run 64-bit Stata on Falcon if you are logged into Kite or Hal. (To run 64-bit Stata while logged into Falcon just type stata or xstata as usual.) This allows you to use more memory than Kite or Hal can provide without switching servers.

For technical reasons, standard Condor utilities like condor_q cannot be run remotely in this way. Thus while you can submit jobs with condor_stata, condor_sas, etc. from any server, if you want to check on their status you'll have to log into Kite. The HLM and Lisrel families of programs also cannot be run this way; to use them you'll have to log into Falcon or Kite respectively.

Disconnected Winstat Sessions Terminated After Three Hours

Disconnected Winstat sessions are now being terminated after three hours. This change was necessary because of the large number of disconnected sessions that were using too many system resources. If you need to run a long job, keep your session active until your job is done. For more information on logging off vs disconnecting, visit our related tip page.

SSCC Training

There are still a few SSCC classes available. These include Mapping Your Spatial Referenced Data with ArcGIS and several advanced SAS classes. For details and to register visit our Training Schedule.