SAS Available Through Condor

SAS is now installed on the SSCC's Condor flock, making it ideal for running long SAS jobs or multiple SAS jobs. To submit a SAS job to Condor, log in to Kite and type condor_sas program rather than sas program. See An Introduction to Condor for details.

SSCC Job Opening

The SSCC will be hiring a new Instructional and Software Support Specialist to replace Ann Lewis, who will be leaving SSCC at the end of the semester. This entry-level position is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates in Sociology, Economics, or Education. Please spread the word.

Poor Wireless Access in your Office?

Do you work in an area of the Social Science building where wireless coverage is poor or nonexistent? If so, our help desk would like to hear from you because we have asked DoIT to improve coverage to areas of the building where we know coverage is poor. Also, note that DoIT does not allow privately-owned wireless access points in the building. This is because these access points interfere with the building wireless network and degrade the signal for people around them. If you are using your own access point because the building wireless access is poor in your area, it is especially important that you let us know so DoIT can rectify the situation.

SSCC's Training

SSCC's training opportunities are winding down for the semester, but there are still three advanced SAS classes left on arrays, macros, and SQL. Visit SSCC's training web pages for more information. Remember that all SSCC training sessions (including Soc 365 sessions) require preregistration.

Improved Protection for Desktops with Symantec Endpoint Protection

SSCC is installing the new, more full-featured version of Symantec Anti-virus software called Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) on desktops in the Social Science building which connect to the PRIMO domain. SEP augments our campus firewall and anti-virus software and is necessary because of the increased demand for access to computing resources from remote locations through VPN (virtual private networking) and an ever-increasing number of laptops and other mobile devices in the building. SEP integrates essential protection technologies including network protection, antivirus, antispyware, and intrusion detection.

We plan to install this software gradually: We'll install it on all new building desktops, and other desktops as we are doing service calls. If you would like this software installed sooner, please make your request to SSCC's help desk.

Microsoft Visio Added to Winstat

We installed Microsoft Visio 2003 on Winstat this morning. Visio is a graphics program for creating diagrams and charts either from scratch or from templates provided in the program.