New Winstat


The SSCC is pleased to announce that we will be installing a new Windows Terminal Server farm on Thursday, July 5th. The farm consists of eight new and powerful servers.

This upgrade will entail several changes:

1) There will no longer be separate "Wincenter" and "Winstat" servers. All eight servers are "Winstats" but have all the software which was previously available on both the Wincenters and the Winstats.

2) Any shortcuts you've created to the old Wincenters and Winstats will no longer work. Instead, use the web interface by clicking on the Winstat link at the top of most SSCC web pages and you'll be directed to the least busy server automatically.

3) The new Winstats do not have both U: and W: mapped to your Windows home directory. Only U: is mapped, as is the case with PCs now. This may require you to change programs you've written which refer to the W: drive.

We anticipate that the new servers will be ready to accept connections at 8:00AM, barring unforseen problems. We'll update BROADCAST with the latest information.

The new Winstats have 2 x Dual-Core Xeon processors, for a total of four physical processors (the old Winstats had two). Their clock speed is 2.0GHz, but this gives performance very similar to the previous-generation 3.4GHz processors in the old Winstats (and the new Winstats can do twice as many tasks at the same time). They have 4GB of RAM.