SSCC Members and SSML Instructors,

This message is to let you know that the operations of the Social Science Microcomputing Lab (SSML) ( in the Sewell Social Science Building are being merged into the operations of the Social Science Computing Cooperative (SSCC) ( A combined SSCC/SSML staff will continue to provide the same services to SSCC members and SSML instructors as in the past. But this merge, along with L&S Instructional Lab Modernization Grant funds, will make additional facilities available to everyone.

The SSML classroom in 3218 will be remodeled later this summer to make it more conducive for instruction and will be equipped with 30 new PCs. An area in the back of 3218 will be available for groups of students working on projects. SSCC's computer lab in 4218 will be equipped with 24 new PCs (configured identically to those in 3218) and will be available for drop-in use to both SSCC members and students using the SSML classroom for academic courses. SSCC members can still connect to SSCC's Windows and Linux network from either lab.

Statistical software installed on the new PCs in 3218 and 4218 include Amos, Gauss, GeoDa, GWR, HLM, LEM, Limdep, Lisrel, Maple, Mathematica, MatLab, Minitab, NVivo, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Stat Transfer, Stella, WinRATS, and Eviews. Doug Hemken from SSML and Russell Dimond from SSCC will be providing statistical computing support for both instructional and research users.

In addition to statistical software, the Microsoft and Corel office suites, ArcGIS, ProCite, Scientific Word, GS View, IrfanView, Math Type, MikTex, Roxio CD/DVD Creator, IZArc, PDFCreator, and Adobe Illustrator CS2 will be installed on the PCs.

A mobile lab comprised of 48 laptops is also available for classroom/workshop use in the Sewell Social Science Building. The 2470 computer lab in the Sewell Social Science Building is set up to accommodate 24 of the laptops and may be reserved along with the mobile lab.

Contact Ann Lewis ( to reserve the 3218 classroom or mobile lab for your fall semester course. Ann Lewis and Doug Hemken will be moving to offices in 4226 Sewell Social Science sometime in August. SSCC PC support personnel (Charlie Maurice and Scott Risberg) and SSCC’s associate director, Andrew Arnold, will be moving to 3218. SSML systems administrator, Brian De Smet, has resigned and will be replaced in the near future.

Plans are in the works to merge the data services provided by the Data and Program Library Service(DPLS), Center for Demography and Ecology (CDE), and the Center for Demography of Health and Aging (CDHA) libraries. An announcement will be sent out once the details are worked out.

Chuck Halaby
Associate Dean of the Social Sciences
College of Letters and Science

Nancy McDermott
Director of the Social Science Computing Cooperative