SSCC News for May 2001

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SSCC Summer Training Schedule
New Password Requirements
Reminder about Change in Way SSCC Inboxes Handled
FTPing to UNIX
New/Revised SSCC Publications

SSCC Summer Training Schedule

All SSCC training sessions require preregistration. If less than three people have preregistered for a course one week prior to its start date, the class may be canceled. Click here to register for a session(s). You will be reminded about your preregistration through e-mail a day or two before the class begins.

Date Time Topic Room Instructor
6/26 and 28 10:00-12:00 Creating Accessible Web Pages 7413 Dimond
6/26, 28, 7/3 10:00-11:30 Hands-on Introduction to SAS 2470 McDermott
6/27 10:00-11:00 Strategies for Keeping Your INBOX Manageable 4405 Brauer
7/10 10:30-12:00 Intro to Stata 2470 Dimond
7/11 10:00-11:30 Windows Tricks and Customization 2470 Brauer
7/12 10:00-12:00 Setting Up A Home Network - section 1 4405 Chrisinger
7/17 2:00-3:30 Introduction to MS Outlook Express 2470 Wald
7/25 1:30-3:00 Hands-On Introduction to Excel 3218 Brauer
7/26 2:00-3:00 Introducing a New Web-Based Email Program 2470 Wald
7/31 1:00-3:00 Setting Up a Home Network - section 2 4405 Chrisinger
8/2 10:00-12:00 Intermediate Stata 2470 Dimond
8/21 1:00-3:00 A Hands-On Introduction to UNIX 2470 Bongert

New Password Requirements

In an effort to improve security, June 4th we will be adding the following requirements for setting passwords on UNIX (using either the yppasswd command or sscmenu):

  1. The minimum length of a password will be six characters.
  2. A password can have a maximum of two repeating characters.
  3. A password cannot be set to any word found in a dictionary or atlas.
  4. A password cannot be reset to the same password you used the previous six times you reset your password.
  5. The minimum age of a password is one day.
  6. An account gets locked for 30 minutes after an incorrect password is entered five times.
These new requirements will affect the password used to access your UNIX account and SSCC e-mail.

Reminder about Change in Way SSCC Inboxes Handled

In March we informed you of some changes that are going to take place in the way we handle SSCC Inboxes. These changes go into effect June 1. You can remind yourself about this by reading the announcement posted on SSCC's web page.

FTPing to UNIX

Use the address when ftping to UNIX for both access to UNIX home directories and the anonymous ftp site. SSCC Publication #1-11 contains instructions on using FTP.

New/Revised SSCC Publications

Following are new or updated SSCC publications available from the Public Terminal Rooms, Consulting, or on-line at SSCC's web site:

Using SFTP (SSCC Pub. #1-11)
Covers the bare minimum you need to know to use FTP, including Anonymous FTP.

Printing the Contents of a Directory in Windows (SSCC Pub. #5-19)
Illustrates several easy ways to print the tables of a directory in Windows for both local drives and network shares.

Using Stata on UNIX (SSCC Pub. #7-12)
This document has been revised to include version 7 information. The section on reading in ASCII data has also been completely rewritten.

Setting Up an E-mail Message to Tell People You Are Away (SSCC Pub. #7-21)
This document has been rewritten with instructions which are easier to follow.

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