SSCC News for March 20, 2001

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New Printers for 7413 Terminal Room
Problems Sending Mail from WiscWorld Mail Server

New Printers for 7413 Terminal Room

Tomorrow we will be replacing the printer pool in the 7413 Terminal Room with two new HP 8150DN printers. These printers are almost identical to the two printers in the I/O room and will provide an alternative location for getting speedy turn-around time on large print jobs like JSTOR and ProQuest jobs. We expect the 7413 print pool to be unavailable most of the day tomorrow while we set up and test the new printers.

The queue names will not change. UNIX queue names are user7single and user7double. The PC queue name is \\print\sscc7413.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR WINDOWS 95/98 PC USERS: You will need to delete and recreate any print shares you currently have defined for SSCC7413 before you will be able to print successfully to these printers after the changes take place tomorrow. This is because different print drivers are needed. It only takes a minute to delete and create print shares. Instructions are provided in pp. 3-6 of SSCC SSCC Pub. 5-8.

Problems Sending Mail from WiscWorld Mail Server

DoIT recently added restrictions to its WiscWorld mail server which has prevented some users from sending e-mail from home or other off-campus locations. Anything sent from a non-campus IP address using or as the SMTP server will be refused. Noncampus IP addresses include DSL connections, cable modems, and dialing in through any modem pool other than DoIT's (TDS, chorus, etc.). The WiscWorld mail servers will now only accept email that originates from a campus IP address like your campus office or a dial-up connection to DoIT's modem pool.

If you are trying to send mail from a non-campus IP address and your messages are bouncing, you should contact your Internet service provider and get the correct outgoing mail server information from them. SSCC staff will be glad to tell you how to change the settings on your email program, but will not know what the correct settings are.

Check out the related article at DoIT's web site. Note that DoIT suggests changing the smtp setting to We don't think this is good advice because uses the same open relay that caused the problem to begin with. It may work for a while but it's unlikely to be a long term solution.

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