SSCC Email Unavailable Friday, March 18, 8am to 5pm

SSCC email will be unavailable Friday, March 18, 8am to 5pm (a furlough day for UW faculty and staff) in order to move email to a faster and larger capacity disk. Any email sent or received during the down time will be queued and delivered after the new disk space is in place.

New Winstat Server for Running Long Jobs

Members with long statistical jobs occasionally bump up against Winstat session limitations (disconnect after 24 hours without input from the user, and disconnected session termination after three hours). Usually when this happens, they move their jobs to Linux where most of SSCC's major number crunching is done. There are a few statistical software programs though that are not available on Linux. MPlus, HLM and MLwiN are the most common examples. We now have a new Winstat server available for these jobs. Contact our helpdesk if you have a job suitable for this server.

SSCC's Spring Training Schedule

SSCC's Spring training is winding down but there are still opportunities available in R, Nvivo, and Matlab. These sessions are listed on SSCC's training web pages. Remember that all SSCC training sessions are free to SSCC members and nonmembers alike, but require preregistration.

Eudora May Stop Working with WiscMail 3/15

DoIT has announced that when they carry out a needed certificate upgrade on 3/15 Eudora may no longer be able to connect to WiscMail. Some campus IT staff have expressed confidence that they'll be able to get it to work eventually, but there will definitely be problems. If you use Eudora to read WiscMail, please get in touch with the Help Desk.

If you use SSCC email you won't be affected by the changes on 3/15, but Eudora is no longer being developed or supported and eventually that will cause problems. You have several good alternatives available, including Thunderbird and SSCC web mail.

Tip: SSCC Resources Make it Easy to Work From Home

SSCC resources, especially Winstat and remote access to computers in the Sewell Social Sciences Building, make it easy to use SSCC software and files on the SSCC network from home. Our Knowledge Base article Working From Home and Other Remote Locations will introduce you to the tools needed and point you to directions on how to use them.

In the event of a pandemic, severe weather, or other situation that made working from home a necessity, we would not have enough Winstat licenses for everyone to use it at once. Connecting to your office computer is a good backup plan in case you can't log in to Winstat, but it needs to be set up ahead of time. We suggest you do so right now. See Connecting to Your Office Computer Using Remote Desktop (Windows) or Connecting to Your Office Computer Using Screen Sharing (Mac) for instructions.