July 2 Changes to Winstat/Wincenter Servers

July 2 we will bring new terminal servers on-line. Eight new servers will replace our existing six servers. All eight servers will have all software and so you will no longer need to connect to a Winstat server for statistical analysis or a Wincenter server for other tasks. Because of this, any shortcuts you've created to Wincenter or Winstat will no longer work. Instead, simply visit the SSCC Terminal Server web page (or click on the Wincenter/Winstat link at the top of most SSCC web pages). Once you log in, click on the Wincenter or Winstat icon (after July 2 there will only be one icon) and you'll be connected automatically. If you don't have the Citrix ICA client installed on your computer, the web page will give you the opportunity to download it for increased performance. However, you won't need to configure anything, because the web page gives the client all the information it needs.

If you've already installed the Citrix ICA client, this new interface has the advantage of sending you to the least busy server automatically. It's never been easier. For more details about the SSCC's Windows Terminal Servers and the new web interface, see Using Winstat.

/aux on Linux to be Merged into Home Directories June 13

/aux directories will be merged into users' home directories as ~/Aux on June 13th. We will create symbolic links from the old /aux to ~/Aux so that any code you may have referencing /aux will still work after the change. Your total quota for home will be increased by the current quota of your /aux. So, if you have a 500MB quota on /aux, your new home quota will be 1,000MB. If you have a 1,00MB quota on /aux, your new home quota will be 1,500MB. After the change, it will no longer be necessary for graduate students with 1,000MB of auxiliary space to get it renewed every six months, although they will still need group leader approval to get the extra space.

This change will simplify directory space management for both SSCC Linux administrators and Linux users. Rather than creating an /aux directory for users requesting more space, we will simply increase the user's quota in their home directory. This is the way we manage quotas on Windows already. For more information on Linux home directories and quotas, refer to the "Linux Storage Space" Section of SSCC Member's Handbook.

SSCC Summer Training Schedule

SSCC's summer training schedule is available on SSCC's training web pages. We have 10 offerings this month including sessions on Stata, SAS, Dreamweaver, Nvivo, and ArcGIS. One new addition to our schedule is a Stata graphics class. The class will cover topics in SSCC Publication, An Introduction to Stata Graphics. Another new course is Queries and Coding in Qualitative Research Using NVivo 7. Chris Thorn, our campus resident expert on NVivo software, will be teaching this class. Summer is a great time to learn new software so be sure and register early before sessions fill!