SSCC Summer Training Schedule

SSCC's summer training is underway. The schedule is available on SSCC's training web pages. Two classes on analyzing spatial data are scheduled for this month: ArcGIS, taught by Bill Buckingham of Rural Sociology and GeoDa, taught by Dave Long, also from Rural Sociology. There's also still room in a few of our upcoming classes like SAS macros, Dreamweaver, and Thunderbird. Register early before sessions fill!

New Web Tools for Email Administration

Our new secure web server gives us the ability to make some commonly used utilities available via the web. This includes activating SpamAssassin, checking the size of your inbox and email folders, forwarding your SSCC email to a different address, and setting a "vacation" message. For a complete list, see our Web-Based Tools page. These web tools are quick and easy to use.

Coming soon...changing passwords via the web.

Don't Forget to Delete Messages in your SPAM Folder!

SpamAssassin does such a great job filtering out SPAM that it's easy to forget about it. It does need some attention though. Remember to periodically clean out your SPAM folder. Over time it's easy to accumulate thousands of spam messages, which will bring almost any email program to its knees. Also, don't forget to move SPAM that makes it into your INBOX to your "not legit" folder. That's how SpamAssassin learns how to better filter SPAM. Visit our SpamAssassin publication for more information. For those of you who still aren't using SpamAssassin, we now have a very simple web page for enabling SpamAssassin. It doesn't get any easier.