SSCC News for June 2002

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SSCC Summer Training Schedule
SSCC Account Renewal Reminder -- June 30th Deadline
Status Report on GUY's Retirement
New SSCC Staff for Desktop Support
New Publications

SSCC Summer Training Schedule

SSCC's Summer training schedule is now available on SSCC's training web pages. We are offering three sessions that we have never offered before: "Making Forms on Web Pages", "Making Form Letters, Envelopes with WP", and "Introduction to WiscCal". The "old reliables" like "Intro to Stata", "Intro to SAS", and Intro to UNIX" are still there as well. If you are relatively new to SSCC or need a UNIX refresher, you should consider signing up for the "Intro to UNIX" class. Remember that all SSCC training sessions require preregistration. Register early before sessions fill!

SSCC Account Renewal Reminder -- June 30th Deadline

This is a reminder for those of you who still have not renewed your SSCC computer account that the deadline is June 30th. SSCC requires that all accounts be renewed annually. Please take a moment to fill out the short form if you have not done so already. It should take no more than two minutes. Note that you will need to complete this form for EACH user name that you have on the SSCC system. Any account not renewed by June 30th will be frozen.

Status Report on Guy's Retirement

Guy's retirement is progressing on schedule:

Date Action
February 4 All statistical software except SAS moved from GUY to NORMAN
May 25 All version 6 SAS data sets converted to version 8.
August 4 SAS will be removed from GUY and remaining version 6 data sets stored in /ssd04files will be backed up to tape and then removed from disk.
September 3 GUY will be retired.

Everyone is encouraged to use KITE for everything they currently use GUY for. We plan to introduce a new Linux computer in the Fall, identical to KITE, which will allow interactive log ins. You will also be able to run SAS and STATA jobs on this computer.

New SSCC Staff for Desktop Support

Charlie Maurice has joined the SSCC staff as a desktop support specialist. In addition to his desktop support duties, Charlie will also be assisting Andy Arnold with Microsoft Windows 2000 administration. Charlie received a BBA in Computer End-User Technology from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in May. While at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Charlie did PC support for the College of Business and Economics.

Charlie's office is Soc. Sci. 4321. Scott Risberg, who has reduced his appointment to half-time, has moved to 2403.

New Publications

Detecting Forged Email

The Klez virus recently made many SSCC users aware that email can be forged. This publication will show you how to find out where an email message really came from.

Managing Jobs on Linstat

This publication will show you how to run your UNIX jobs more quickly and conveniently, and with less impact on other users. Veteran UNIX users may still want to take a look because KITE and Condor have changed our recommendations.

Programming in Color

Two of our most popular text editors, TextPad for Windows and Emacs for UNIX, offer syntax highlighting. Beyond just looking cool, this can help you avoid errors, find things in your code more quickly, and generally make you a more efficient programmer. This publication tells you how.

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