Office 365 Clutter Folder to be Deactivated by Default

The UW-Madison Office 365 team has heard many complaints about the "Clutter" folder, so they've decided to turn it off for all campus users on August 15th. The Clutter folder itself will not be removed, nor will any mail it contains. However, no new mail will be delivered to the Clutter folder. It will all go to your Inbox instead.

If you like the Clutter folder, you can turn it back on after August 15th by clicking on this link. It will take you to your Office 365 settings, where you can turn on clutter filtering by checking the box for Separate items identified as clutter.

Keep in mind that Clutter is not a spam folder. It is designed to collect mail which may be a lower priority but still needs to be read at some point. For example, email about parking assignments for 2016-2017 sometimes ended up in the Clutter folder. Check your Clutter folder regularly, perhaps once a day, just not as often as your Inbox.

Statistical Software Training

This fall we have a full schedule of statistical software training.

In late August we will offer both Stata for Researchers and R for Researchers in "bootcamp" form. These classes are ideal for incoming graduate students, beginning researchers, or anyone who wants to add these powerful tools to their toolbox.

We will teach them again during the fall semester. Stata for Researchers will be offered twice, once in a one-week format early in the semester, and once in the usual three-week format.

We'll also teach a variety of other topics, including Mixed Models, Structural Equation Modeling, Git, and Publication-Quality Tables.

SAS is not on the list because it was just taught this summer, but SPSS is not on the list because we're seeing diminished demand for it. We've recently updated and expanded our SPSS Knowledge Base articles for those who still need to learn it, and you can always come to our statistical consultants with SPSS questions.

New "Stata for Students" Online

We're pleased to announce the debut of Stata for Students, an online resource for students taking undergraduate methods classes that use Stata. It is designed to give simple but complete instructions for all the tasks students are asked to complete in Stata for the most popular social science methods and metrics classes. Our hope is that it will save faculty, TAs, and students (not to mention SSCC's statistical consultants) both time and frustration.

Right now Stata for Students is a work in progress, and we have not yet completed all the topics for our first-phase classes (Soc 357, Soc 360, Econ 310, Econ 410). But the material on Stata basics should help students in any class that uses Stata. If you're interested in having your class covered by Stata for Students in the future, contact Russell Dimond.

Update Symantec Endpoint Protection If You Use It

A serious security problem has been identified in Symantec Endpoint Protection for Windows, their antivirus product. A new version has been released that fixes the problem, but it will not be installed automatically.

SSCC has installed Microsoft antivirus products on the computers we maintain for years now. But if you have Symantec on your computer (e.g. a personally-owned laptop or desktop), it's very important you go to the Campus Software Library to download and install the latest version.