Farewell to Oliver Giramma

We're sad to report that Oliver Giramma has left the SSCC for a position at the Wisconsin Energy Institute. Oliver has been with us for a little over four years, initially staffing the Help Desk as well as doing Desktop Support, and more recently System Administration. In his new position he'll continue doing System Administration as well as Software Development. He'll be sorely missed, and the search for his successor is in progress. We wish him all the best!

Welcome to Cody Gerhartz

We are, on the other hand, pleased to announce that Cody Gerhartz will be joining the SSCC on March 11th as a Desktop Support Specialist. Cody's position was created as a result of the UW Survey Center joining the SSCC (he is not Oliver's successor) but he'll be helping all SSCC members. Cody recently received his PhD. in Physics from the University of Toledo but has been pursuing a career change and this will be his second IT position. Please join us in welcoming him to UW-Madison!

Change to Remote Desktop

For some time it's been possible to connect to your office computer via Remote Desktop either as or just Unfortunately the service that makes both names work has a major security problem and needs to be retired. After April 2nd, only names of the form will work for Remote Desktop. If you need to add .ads, you can do so at any time in the first window that appears when you start the program. More details can be found in Connecting to Your Office Computer Using Remote Desktop.

New Locks for the Computer Labs

New locks have now been installed for the 4218 Computer Lab and the 3218 Computer Classroom. If you use these rooms after hours, be sure to stop by the Help Desk and have your UW card scanned so it will work with the new system. Instructors may also wish to have their ID scanned into the system so they can access 3218 at will.

Printer in 2470 Will No Longer Be Set Up For Everyone

Currently, Windows PCs on the SSCC network have three printers set up automatically: those in rooms 4218, 3218, and 2470. The 4218 printers are by far the most popular due to their central location and accessibility. In fact we've noticed that a significant fraction of the printer output in 2470 is never picked up, suggesting it was printed there by mistake. To remedy this, we will stop automatically setting up the 2470 printer for all users on March 13th. Anyone who uses the 2470 printer (intentionally) will be able to set it up quickly and easily on or after March 13th, and will only have to do so once. Instructions can be found in Setting Up Network Printers in Windows.

WiscCores Showcase March 5th

The University's Office of Research Cores has organized a Showcase of the University's research resources on Tuesday, March 5th from 9:00AM to 12:00PM in the Varsity Halls of Union South. The Showcase features table displays, flash talks, "Ask an Expert" sessions, and more (food!). Some familiar faces will be there, like IRP, UW Survey Center, Applied Population Lab, and SSCC, but also organizations whose resources you may not be familiar with, like Research Data Services, the Data Science Hub, and Teaching & Research Application Development. Registration is appreciated but not required.