New Qualitative Data Analysis Resource

SSCC is very pleased to announce that through a partnership with DoIT’s software training services we now have a qualitative analysis specialist to teach our NVivo workshops.  Christian Schmieder is a first year PhD student in the School of Education who completed his masters study in qualitative data analysis methods and has several years of experience teaching both how to use qualitative data analysis software and the methods behind the analysis.  He will be teaching our NVivo 1 (Beginner) and NVivo 2 (Intermediate/Advanced) courses and also will be reviving the popular “NVivo With Your Own Data” course.  These courses will no longer be limited to only enrolled students, so all faculty and staff are welcome to attend.  As always, these courses are free and open to the entire UW community, but registration is required.

We will also be offering a brown bag session at noon on February 27 in which Christian will discuss a variety of qualitative data analysis software programs, including NVivo, Atlas.ti, MaxQDA, and a variety of open source products.  This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the features of each package and how to decide which program might be best for your project. Beginning next week, you can register for this brown bag on the SSCC Training page.

Additionally, Christian will be providing consulting services for students using NVivo via DoIT’s Software Training for Student’s Ask a Trainer service.  This service is restricted to currently enrolled students, and a request for assistance can be placed at DoIT's Software Training page.     

SSCC's Spring Training

SSCC's Spring training is now underway. This month we have 13 workshops covering various topics in R, Stata, Matlab, SPSS, and Wordpress. Remember that all SSCC training sessions require preregistration.

Need to learn a statistical package but missed the class? The SSCC Knowledge Base is always available, and includes Stata for ResearchersStata for Students,SPSS for Students, Multiple Imputation in Stata, and much more. QSR also has a set of online NVivo tutorials.

Tip: Changing the Font Size on Winstat

Are you suffering from eye strain trying to read the small fonts on Winstat? Suffer no longer. Check out our KB article.