Matlab Installed on Winstat

We are pleased to announce that Matlab has been installed on Winstat. Matlab is a general-purpose mathematical language commonly used for simulations, optimization and other computationally demanding tasks.

Many Matlab users need to run a large number of jobs, so we must emphasize that Winstat is not intended for running multiple jobs at the same time. In fact the SSCC CPU Usage Policy states "Only run one CPU-intensive job at a time on Winstat." The SSCC's Condor flock is the place to run multiple jobs (up to ten at a time). Also keep in mind that the SSCC's Linux servers, including Condor, will run Matlab jobs more quickly than Winstat.

CPU Usage Policy Updated

In light of the increased size of our Condor flock, we've increased the number of jobs a user can submit to Condor at once from six to ten. See the SSCC CPU Usage Policy for more information.

SSCC Spring Training

SSCC's spring training is underway. Due to high enrollment we've added late afternoon sessions for next week's Introduction to Stata and Intermediate Stata classes. If you still need to register please sign up for the later sessions if at all possible, and if you're already signed up and can switch please do so. SAS workshops begin next week as well. We also just added the "Visualizing Spatially Referenced Data with ArcGIS" workshop to the schedule for the end of March which David Long, from the Applied Population Lab, has graciously agreed to teach. For the complete schedule and to register please visit our training web page.

Tip: Remember the SSCC Publication Collection

The SSCC's online publication collection is a valuable resource for SSCC members or anyone who needs to use computers for the social sciences. Some publications explain how to use SSCC resources, like email or Condor. Others discuss statistical software, including general introductions to Stata and SAS and guides to specific topics like bootstrapping in Stata. Whether you're looking for the answer to a particular question or just want to learn more, the SSCC's publications should be the first place you look--and may be the last.