New Web Access to Wincenter/Winstat

There's a new and even easier way to access the SSCC's Windows Terminal Servers: simply visit the SSCC Terminal Server web page (or click on the Wincenter/Winstat link at the top of most SSCC web pages). Once you log in, click on the Wincenter or Winstat icon and you'll be connected automatically. If you don't have the Citrix ICA client installed on your computer, the web page will give you the opportunity to download it for increased performance. However, you won't need to configure anything, because the web page gives the client all the information it needs.

If you've already installed the Citrix ICA client, this new interface has the advantage of sending you to the least busy server automatically. It's never been easier. For more details about the SSCC's Windows Terminal Servers and the new web interface, see Using Winstat.

EndNote Software installed on WinCenters

Endnote X, software for searching online bibliographic databases, organizing references, and creating bibliographies, is now available on the three WinCenters. Many now consider EndNote a superior product to ProCite. (See the related article below.) There is an excellent tutorial on EndNote X on EndNote's training page. It is also very easy to convert databases to EndNote. You'll find instructions on EndNote's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Many researchers use Google Scholar, a Google tool that allows you to search for scholarly literature. EndNote can easily import Google Scholar references.

If enough people are interested, we can arrange with a campus expert to give a workshop. Contact Ann Lewis if you are interested.

Future of Procite and Citation on WinCenters

In addition to EndNote, two other bibliographical applications are available on the Wincenters: ProCite and Citation. ISI Thompson owns both ProCite and EndNote, but spends most of their resources developing EndNote because it has a much larger customer base. For this reason, many now consider EndNote the superior product. We still have a lot of ProCite users on the WinCenters though and have no immediate plans to remove it.

Usage for Citation, on the other hand, has dropped to almost zero on the Wincenters. We plan to remove the software at the end of the month. The campus currently has a free site license for version 8.3 of Citation. In order to acquire a copy of this software, go to DoIT's Techstore to download it.

SSCC Spring Training

SSCC's spring training is well underway. February offerings include four Stata classes (including a new session on Stata Graphics), Intro to Parallel Computing, Intro to NVivo (Qualitative software), and using RSS alerts to keep up-to-date on the latest news and publications on research topics of interest. Also, we're offering individual appointments to discuss switching from Eudora to more reliable email programs like Thunderbird and Outlook Express. For details and to register for SSCC training classes, please visit our training web page.

Vista Installation not Recommended

The new Microsoft operating system, Vista, is now available on campus. DoIT has identified numerous critical issues regarding Vista, including software compatibility with campus systems, hardware requirements, and installation challenges, and does not recommend using it until many of these issues are resolved. See DoIT's announcement for details.

PC Support Delays

Due to the large volume of requests we are currently receiving in our Consulting office for PC support, expect a longer than usual delay in hearing back from the SSCC staff person assigned your problem. We would appreciate your letting us know how urgently you need assistance when you submit your request for PC support. If you wish to inquire about the status of your request, contact Nancy McDermott, Director of SSCC.