Spring Training

SSCC's Spring training schedule will start off early with Data Wrangling in Stata and Data Wrangling in R workshops the week before the Spring semester starts. They'll be followed by Stata workshops on Linear Models, SEM and Mediation, Loops and Macros, Text Data, and Dates.

We're still evaluating the need for a Data Wrangling in Python workshop during the Spring semester and/or additional Data Wrangling in Stata or R workshops (otherwise we'll next teach them during the summer). If you would take one of these workshops if it's offered let Caitlin know (

Looking for a way to brush up on your Stata or R skills, get some practice teaching, and help your fellow students? We could use some volunteer assistant instructors for the Data Wrangling classes, mostly on the first day, to help students who are struggling. If you're interested, email Caitlin (

Mark Banghart Leaving the SSCC

We're sad to announce that Mark Banghart is leaving the SSCC to take a research position in the Department of Ophthalmology. Mark has made a tremendous contribution to the work of the SSCC, especially in developing the new Data Wrangling curriculum, and he has made many, many peoples' research better.

We'll be hiring a successor for Mark as soon as possible, but we'll probably be short-handed for much of the Spring semester. Doug Hemken and Russell Dimond will do their best to meet everyone's statistical consulting needs, but keep in mind that Doug is not full-time and Russell has many other duties as Associate Director of the SSCC. They will continue to hold drop-in consulting hours (no appointment required) in the afternoons, but usually will not be available outside those hours except by appointment. The drop-in schedule and links for making appointments can be found on the statistical consulting page.

Windows 7: The End is Nigh

On January 14th, 2020, Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. This means any security problems identified after that date will not be fixed, and we presume that malicious actors all over the world are saving their best exploits until then. Most SSCC member agencies are very close to having all their Windows 7 machines upgraded or replaced, so if you still have one let us know so we can make sure there's a plan for it.

After January 14th Windows 7 machines will be a danger to any network they're on and all the data on that network, so we will block them from using our VPN and are exploring technical means to block them from using any of our services. University policy says computers with unsupported operating systems cannot be connected to the campus network. If you have a Windows 7 machine, the time to upgrade it to Windows 10 is now!

Data Science Research Bazaar

On January 24th and 25th, the Data Science Hub is sponsoring a Research Bazaar in the Discovery Institute. This is a great opportunity for researchers who work with data to share their work, find opportunities for collaboration, and learn about available resources (including a presentation by SSCC). The conference is free, but registration is required.

Licensing Changes for Adobe Software

Adobe has changed the licensing model for its software (Acrobat, Photoshop, etc.) to try to link most or all usage to an account. If you are asked to sign into the Adobe Creative Cloud before using Adobe software, you can use your UW NetID by giving it your email address. You'll then be taken to a UW-Madison log in page to give your password. Normally you'll have to do this just once on each computer you use. (Note that the Creative Cloud does not involve storing your files in "the cloud.") If you're told you're on a shared device and should sign out of Creative Cloud before leaving the machine, all you really need to do is sign out of the machine itself.

There are some exceptions, including emeriti. Contact the Help Desk if you are told the software is in trial mode after you log in and we can usually straighten it out.