SSCC News for December 2002

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OpenOffice Available on KITE
New Web-Based Tools
New Publications
Spam Accounts for 30% of all E-mail

OpenOffice Available on KITE

OpenOffice is an open source alternative to Microsoft Office that runs on Linux. This includes programs similar to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Front Page. We have installed OpenOffice on KITE for your use. SSCC Publication, Installing and Using OpenOffice, contains the information you need to get started.

New Web-Based Tools

We've created two new web-based tools you may find handy. Find an SSCC Member allows you to look up the full name, email address, and other information about any SSCC member. You can find it on our web-based tools page. Find an SSCC Member essentially replicates the UNIX sscwho command.

Server Status will tell you how busy each of our UNIX and Linux servers are, and how many Condor jobs are running. By checking here and then using the less busy servers you'll not only get the best performance for your jobs, you'll help balance the load across all our servers, improving performance for everyone. You'll find a link to the Server Status page in the navigation bar to the left of most of SSCC's web pages.

New Publications

Sharing Files

This publication discusses the many ways to share files with other people that are better than always using email attachments.

Intermediate Stata

If you know basic Stata syntax (and An Introduction to Stata can teach it to you if you don't), this publication will help you start filling your bag of Stata tricks.

Programming in Stata

This publication tries to take the drudgery out of Stata coding by teaching you how to use local macros, modular programs, and loops to avoid repetition. Mastering these tools can save you a tremendous amount of time if you use Stata a lot.

Finding and Installing User-Written Stata Programs

There is a vast body of Stata code available on the web, and this publication will introduce you to some new tools that make it very easy to find and install the programs you need.

Creating a PDF File on Wincenter

Adobe Acrobat doesn't get along well with Windows Terminal Servers, but it can be used to create PDF files if you don't mind taking a few extra steps. This publication shows you how.


FORTRAN remains a useful tool for some SSCC members. This publication explains what resources are available and where to find them.

Spam Accounts for 30% of all E-mail

An interesting article appearing in CNN's Business Technology web page last week reports that spam accounted for 30% of all e-mail for the month of November. Some experts predict that by mid-2003 spam will account for 50% of e-mail. SSCC has software installed called SpamBouncer, which can filter your email and send most of your spam to another mailbox. If you haven't yet set this up, now may be a good time to consider doing so. You'll find instructions for using SpamBouncer on SSCC's publication web pages (SSCC Pub. 7-25).

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