Welcome New Graduate Students!

We're pleased to welcome all our incoming graduate students. Make sure you attend an orientation session (even if it's not the one for your department) so you know what the Social Science Computing Cooperative can do for you. Orientation sessions are listed on SSCC's training page.

We also recommend you attend our training! Almost all of you will need to work with data in at least one of your classes, and for most of you it will be a critical career skill. The sooner you learn how to do it properly, the more time and frustration you'll save. Introduction to Stata will prepare you to do class work in Stata, as well as lay a foundation for future research. Data Wrangling in Stata, R, or Python, will give you the basic data science skills you need to be effective researchers.

Fall Training

SSCC's training isn't just for new graduate students. We're very excited to introduce our new Data Science Tools for Research curriculum, with the initial focus on Data Wrangling classes.

If you've taken Stata for Researchers you probably don't need to take Data Wrangling in Stata, but we'll teach the most important new material in Stata Workshop: First Steps with Your Data, which includes both data science concepts for understanding your data set and practical Stata skills.

Data Wrangling in R focuses on the tidyverse, a package of functions that is rapidly becoming the tool of choice for data wrangling. While it is designed for people who have no experience with R, veteran R users who would like to learn the tidyverse will also benefit from the class.

For details and to register, visit our training page. For more information about the new curriculum, see June's SSCC News.

New Silo Servers

We're pleased to announce that on Friday, August 23rd, our next generation of Silo servers will go into production. Key features:

  • 16 cores and 96GB of RAM (soon to be increased to 120GB) will give dramatically improved performance for computationally intensive tasks
  • Additional servers will be introduced into Silo LDS in the coming weeks to distribute workloads
  • Based on Windows 10
  • Most of the same software as Winstat, much of which is new to Silo
  • The ability to install your own Stata packages from the Statistical Software Components (SSC) archive

Silo users can access the new servers in exactly the same way as the old servers.

Summer Software Updates

This summer has been a busy one for software updates, and over the coming week we'll be putting those updates into production. This includes the latest versions of Stata, R, RStudio, SAS, MS Office, and more on Winstat, Linstat, Silo, and our computer labs. For details about related downtimes, see the News and Events section of SSCC's home page. For individual PCs managed by SSCC, most of these updates are already available in Software Center.