Welcome to the SSCC!

We want to extend a warm welcome to all the new faculty, graduate students, and others who are coming to UW-Madison and joining the Social Science Computing Cooperative this fall. As part of one of SSCC's member departments or agencies, you have access to a complete research computing environment focused on statistics plus the expert help you need to use it, and we hope you'll take full advantage. The articles below will help you get started.

Invitation to Orientation

We have several orientation sessions coming up. While each of them was scheduled for the incoming graduate students of a particular program, all SSCC members are welcome at any orientation session. This definitely includes current SSCC members who'd like a review! In orientation we'll tell you about all of SSCC's services and how to use them, and answer any questions you may have. Bring your laptop and we'll help you get it configured to log into Winstat, SSCC's most popular servers. There's also time afterwards for one-on-one conversations about your research agenda and computing needs. See our training schedule for details and to register.

SSCC Training

SSCC's statistical consultants offer an extensive training program on statistical software every semester. We strongly encourage all new graduate students to learn a statistical package so they can use it in their work. Our "For Researchers" classes are intended for anyone starting their research career or wanting to add to their skillset, while the "Introductions" are primarily intended for those who need to use statistical software for class work but don't anticipate doing research for a few years. See our training schedule for details and to register.

Online Course by WiscRDC

WiscRDC is coordinating and hosting remote participation in the course, "Understanding Social and Economic Data", taught by Warren Brown and Lars Vilhuber of Cornell University. This course is designed specifically to prepare you to conduct research with federal survey and administrative microdata available to researchers through the Federal Statistical Research Data Center network. It is a non-credit course with no evaluations.

New: Password Resets via Email

If you ever find you've forgotten your SSCC password, you now have two choices for resetting it: you can answer your security questions, as always, or request we send a link you can use to reset your password via email. Password reset requests will go to the preferred email address you gave us, so this would be a good time to check that it's valid and still the address you want us to use. SSCC News is also sent to your preferred email address, so if you got it by email you're good to go.