Possible Outages through Friday Next Week

Due to construction work on Charter Street, the chilled water used to cool the SSCC server room was switched to city water this morning. Although the room temperature has risen, it is currently holding steady at safe levels. We may be on city water through Friday of next week. Please be warned that we may need to shut down servers with little notice should temperatures rise to levels that could damage the servers and disks. We will send out email if we need to interrupt services. (We do not plan to shut down the email servers.)

Open Records and SSCC Email

Recent events have reminded many SSCC members that their University email is subject to Open Records requests. While SSCC staff are neither records managers nor lawyers, we've worked with the University Records Officer to create a short introduction to the issue called Open Records and SSCC Email. We recommend all SSCC members who are University employees read it.

64-bit SAS on Linstat

We recently installed 64-bit SAS on Linstat. Unfortunately, catalog files and data sets with indexes that were created using 32-bit SAS cannot be read using 64-bit SAS. For now you can run 32-bit SAS by typing /software/sas9.2/sas rather than just sas, but if you are affected by this change please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

SSCC's Spring Training Schedule

There is only one opportunity left for training this semester and it's for software that is really gaining in popularity - Nvivo. NVivo offers a powerful set of tools for organizing, classifying, and analyzing qualitative research data. You can register for this training on SSCC's training web pages. Remember that all SSCC training sessions are free to SSCC members and nonmembers alike, but require preregistration.

New Winstat Server for Running Long Jobs

Members with long statistical jobs occasionally bump up against Winstat session limitations (disconnect after 24 hours without input from the user, and disconnected session termination after three hours). Usually when this happens, they move their jobs to Linux where most of SSCC's major number crunching is done. There are a few statistical software programs though that are not available on Linux. MPlus, HLM and MLwiN are the most common examples. We now have a new Winstat server available for these jobs. Contact our helpdesk if you have a job suitable for this server.