New Antivirus Solution to be Implemented

SSCC, along with other departments on campus including DoIT, has been researching and testing alternative antivirus solutions to Command Antivirus (CAV) for several months. The latest version of CAV has caused serious performance problems on Windows NT Workstation clients. Eudora users have experienced this first hand when performing simple tasks within Eudora or even starting the application; it takes much longer than before. This has resulted in a new campus-wide volume purchase agreement for Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition (NAVCE).

We will roll out NAVCE to desktops within the Social Science Building beginning tomorrow starting with the Department of Economics. We will update the remaining desktops on Saturday. This roll out will require physical access to your desktop. CAV will be removed from your system and replaced with NAVCE. Once NAVCE is installed, future updates will occur automatically when you log in to SSCC's PC network (PRIMO). If you want to be present for this install, contact the Consultant (2-9917) and arrange a time for this software update to occur. All others should log out or shutdown your PC before leaving on the evening before the install is scheduled.

SSCC will make this transition with as little inconvenience to you as possible. As you know, the threat of computer viruses is very serious. Functional, robust, and current antivirus software is a very important step in alleviating this threat. Anyone who has had their PC infected with a computer virus can tell you that time spent keeping their antivirus software up-to-date is time well spent. We encourage people to log on to SSCC's PC network (PRIMO) as this will ensure NAVCE is up-to-date and able to detect and remove the latest virus.

Andrew Arnold