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3218 Computer


We are very pleased to announce that the newly remodeled computer classroom in 3218 Sewell Social Sciences (formerly known as the SSML) is open and ready for use. The classroom is equipped with 30 new PCs, a printer, and a ceiling-mounted projector. We think you’ll find the seating arrangement much more conducive to teaching than before the remodel.

For drop-in use, your students can use either the 3218 or the 4218 computer lab. The 4218 lab has 24 PCs configured identically to the 3218 classroom PCs. Both labs are open 8:00a.m.-8:00p.m. Mondays-Fridays and noon - 4:00p.m. weekends. Graduate students may request after-hours permits. 3218A, the  smaller room in the back of the 3218 classroom, is also available for drop-in use (even when the classroom is closed for a class) for groups of students working on projects. The room is equipped with five PCs, a printer, and a scanner. Two of the PCs may be reserved for running long jobs.
The 3218 classroom and 4218 drop-in lab have a rich set of statistical software installed, many of which are not found anywhere else on campus. Software includes Amos, E-views, Gauss, GeoDa, GWR, HLM, LEM, Lisrel, Maple, Mathematica, MatLab, Minitab, NVivo, R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Stat Transfer, and Stella. In addition to statistical software, the labs also have Microsoft and Corel office suites, ArcGIS, ProCite, Scientific Word, GS View, IrfanView, Math Type, MikTex, Nero CD/DVD Creator, IZArc, PDFCreator, and Adobe Illustrator CS2.

Doug Hemken, statistical computing specialist for SSCC, is available to help students with homework and class projects 10:00a.m.-2:00p.m. Mondays-Fridays in Social Sciences 4224I or by appointment ( You can also arrange for Doug to come to your class and provide instruction on statistical software. Doug and other SSCC staff also offer free workshops during the semester. Visit for our current offerings.

A mobile lab comprised of 42 laptops is also available for classroom/workshop use in the Sewell Social Sciences Building. The 2470 computer lab is set up to accommodate 24 of the laptops and may be reserved along with the mobile lab.

Contact Ann Lewis to reserve the 3218 classroom or mobile lab for your course. Ann’s contact information is email:, phone: 2-0862, office: Social Sciences 4226B.